Voltage Stabiliser

Don’t let unstable power grids damage your industrial assets! Protect your vital equipment with cost-effective voltage regulators and world-class after sales service from Earthlink Technologies.

Can your business afford to be interrupted by haphazard power cuts and unstable voltages? Other than slowing your business processes down substantially, voltage fluctuations can damage your valuable electronic assets. These changes in power supply are common across most of Africa, affecting everything from servers and computer networks, to injection moulding machinery and refrigeration solutions.

At Earthlink Technologies, we have taken the above into consideration, developing cost-effective voltage regulators – specifically designed to withstand the ups and downs of African power grids.

All electrical and electronic systems are designed and manufactured to operate at maximum efficiency with a given supply voltage, called the nominal operating voltage.

For various reasons the voltage of the energy distribution does not remain constant, showing considerable fluctuations in the nominal value, which leads to the apparatus, not only a loss of efficiency (sometimes even the impossibility of operation), but also a significant increase in failure rate.

The stabilizers are electronic devices responsible for correcting the voltage of the electrical power supply to provide a stable and secure power supply to equipments, allowing for a stable voltage and protecting the equipment from most of the problems of the mains.

Like UPS, voltage stabilizers are an asset to the protection of electrical and electronic equipment.

The main function of a stabilizer is to make the output voltage that feeds the equipments connected to it as much as possible equivalent to the ideal electrical power supply, ensuring that the oscillations in electrical power are offset, and its output maintain a stable value, preventing them from being experienced by equipments and thereby avoiding their damage.

Most stabilizers also have electronic filters whose purpose is to suppress noise and peak voltage.