Voltage Regulators

Featuring the functional Red/Line design, the modular surge arresters of the DEHNguard … CI family combine short-circuit and surge protection in a single protection module with a width of only one module, setting new patterns for ease of application.
The protective circuit has the arrester backup fuse integrated in the protection module. This feature together with the heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor and the dual “Thermo Dynamic Control” monitoring device allow easy installation with minimum space requirements.
With the already integrated arrester backup fuse, the user no longer has to care about arrester-specific dimensioning requirements such as backup protection in the event of a short-circuit and impulse current carrying capability.
The integrated fuse has been developed especially for this case of application. It is not designed for permanent current but especially for impulse current and short-circuit protection thus, an optimal performance is ensured. The fuse never must be replaced separately because tripping of fuse is also end of SPD service life. Space-saving surge protection measures covering all functions specified in the installation standards can be implemented in installations with short-circuit currents up to 25 kArms. All paths including the N-PE path feature an operating state indicator as required by the IEC 60364-5-53 standard.