About Us

EARTHLINK TECHNOLOGIES P/L  and is a uniquely positioned , rapidly  growing technology company in the Information Technology/Power Protection industry. We offer quality solutions to customers at very affordable prices.

We are official distributors of the high quality brands APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton, Polyphaser , Transtector, Dowin, LEA, and RO Associates, having been appointed Authorised Representative for Zimbabwe by Protection Technology Group (USA) in 2012. Our mai n product lines include Class 1-3 surge protection, as well as UPS and inverters. Our surge protection devices span all industry protecting RF, AC,DC and Data installations and applications

The company was incorporated in 2004, Registration Number  I8077/2004 and has since then grown to now being able to offer the full range of ICT and power protection products. We also attained Reliable Partner status under APC (American Power Conversion) in 2005

The company is registered for VAT, registration number 10015300.Place of business is 17 Bates Street, Milton Park, Harare




EARTHLINK P/L aims to identify the very best solutions to meet customer requirements. We will work with customers and supply products and solutions that meet specified requirements


We will become the most trusted provider of power protection solutions and equipment in the nation and that of surge protection devices in the region


We value continuous improvement of the processes that deliver customer satisfaction by improving manageability, availability and performance of information and communication technologies and industrial systems through the quick delivery of high quality, and effective solutions to each customer.